• 2009 Murcott Drive, Saint Cloud, FL 34771
  • 2009 Murcott Drive,
    Saint Cloud, FL 34771

How warriors are made

"Start your fitness journey"

I was apprehensive about trying Crossfit for many years because i thought my workouts were challenging enough. My expectations of CrossFit Panoply were exceeded immensely. Shortly after my husband and i joined, my 15 year old daughter joined us as well and has quickly fallen in love with the daily physical challenges. At 47 years old, the ability to workout with my 15 year old daughter and challenge and motivate each other is priceless. Of course, none of this would be possible without the well trained, professional, highly motivational coaches working there with us. I am writing this testimonial to educate ANYONE looking to step-up or start their fitness journey, no matter your current level to come train with the Panoply family. Crossfit has helped me gain strength, skills, and confidence way beyond what I could accomplish during daily trips to your typical gym.

Darla McGinley

"People who really care about you"

After six months of training I had lost 60 pounds due to commitment, diet, and training. It changed my life, a cliché I know, but accurate. It wasn't Crossfit but THIS gym and the people in it. The original owners were not in it to make quick money, they cared, they were kind and patient as well. The current owners are also very approachable and infuse excitement into the gym. Fitness is a part of me now; I train to improve myself and to reach goals which has bled over into other areas of life. I can do things I used to think "I'll never be able to do that" but now I can and it gives me an optimistic feeling that the things I cannot do yet will come in time.

Matt Umstead

"My healthiest shape in years"

Everyday I see myself getting stronger, getting tighter, getting smaller. The encouragement from the staff and the people that work out at Panoply CrossFit is so great. The staff at Panoply CrossFit are very knowledgeable and have helped me every step of the way. I can't say enough about the way the place is run. Everyone is encouraged to help each other through the workouts. We all cheer for each other throughout the workout. There are morning and afternoon classes which makes it convenient with my busy schedule. I'm in the healthiest shape I've been in in years.

Grace Peck

"My life all around has improved"

About two years ago I weighed around 330 pounds. I was two years removed from playing college football where I excelled. Around this time I recently went through a break up and was severely depressed, always eating out and when I was not at work I was at a local bar almost every night. I tried large chain gyms; however, it was very hard for me become motivated by myself when I came from a team background in the weight room. I was asked to go to Crossfit Panoply with my friend. At first I was skeptical due to my weight and did not know anyone, but it all changed. I was accepted into the box like I was family. Since I joined Crossfit Panoply, my life all around has improved. I am now down 70 plus pounds and in a much better mental state then I was at the beginning. I love Crossfit Panoply and would recommend it to anyone, no matter where you are at physically.

Tyler Fisher